I ran into an ex-Tinder match…

…it wasn’t at all what I expected.


It was quite obvious that there was something on my profile that he didn’t fancy, as the conversation immediately dwindled.

So, in an attempt to save myself any additional embarrassment, I decided to block him. It made me feel quite shit at the time, but I realised pretty quickly that if he is this superficial to begin with… I can only imagine what he’ll be like later on. I decided that this is just saving my future self from inevitable heartbreak.

…one of the trainers ask me what her name is, and of course, I blanked.

We’re all sat outside in the indoor/outdoor area, filling 4 of the 6 tables. I look over to the far end where there is a projection on the wall displaying “9Rounds Quiz night”. To the right of it, is the guy who is hosting the quiz night, who is without a doubt the guy I had matched with on Tinder and blocked on social media. I take a moment and try to figure out how best to respond to the situation… my mind is racing… does he recognise me? Should I say something? Do I acknowledge that I recognise him?

The pressure I put on myself on how I “should” act around him is just a preconception that was made up and held up by societal norms and expectations and is not mandatory. I can choose to treat this human being just like any other human being.

I can’t say that I ran up to him and greeted him with a warm embrace or anything, but I can honestly say that there were no negative or harsh feelings towards him either. And I must admit that the situation definitely worked out in my favour. I was looking great and feeling great and not worried about anything else besides truly living in the moment.

Passionate about learning from others, travelling, nature, connection, and enjoying life.

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